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The Dawn of Sustainability is Upon Us
……And We’re Eager To Welcome You, Without The Cock-A-Doodle-Doo.

Yeast is our microorganism shining star that empowers us to transform carbohydrates into protein. Through our smart protein process, we can replicate egg white. We’ve found the perfect balance of sugar, and vitamin that has enabled us to replicate egg white protein with the same functional unit of that found in a chicken’s eggs.


Not only have we succeeded in our endeavor to alleviate the traditional agricultural process’s negative impact on chickens, but we’ve also managed to significantly reduce the amount of land used and greenhouse gas emitted too.


We want our customers to rest easy knowing their beloved cakes, quiches, and cocktails no longer have to be enjoyed at the expense of our feathery friends. Our goal for the future is to further improve our ovalbumen production process by transitioning to more renewable energy resources and biomass utilities.

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