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Real Egg White Protein Without the Chicken OR the Egg

Helping both the food industry and consumers keep up with demands through animal-free protein solutions.


All About OTRO


An Eggcelent Egg White Replica

At OTRO, we produce real egg white protein, identical to those produced by chickens. Our mission is to develop premium egg white replicas that taste the same, are healthier for our bodies, are more sustainable, and are cruelty-free.

No feathers are ruffled in the making of our egg white proteins.

Why Egg Whites

Why Egg Whites?

Egg whites are a staple for almost every baking treat worth devouring. Unfortunately, with the incredibly high demand for egg whites worldwide, most chickens would rather take their chances crossing the road than be forced to lay another mass-produced egg.

Our smart protein process uses far less natural resources, emits significantly fewer greenhouse gasses, and pollutes nowhere near as many waterways as conventional chicken egg production. Our cellular agriculture solutions offer a 100% animal-free protein solution replica – finally.

Our Process

Our Precision Fermentation Process


Producing Identical Natural Proteins

We introduce the main protein found in egg whites – to a yeast. The genetic blueprint then begins producing egg white instead of its own protein.


Fermentor : Hen House 2.0 

Using a bioreactor, we allow the microflora to grow in an optimal environment. To ensure the production reaches the highest protein levels possible, we let the yeast feed on both glucose and nutrients. Our yeast is fed sugars, minerals and vitamins in bioreactors to produce egg ingredients that we then harvest.


Enjoy Your Egg White Replica!

Make use of this highly nutritional, easily digestible, amino acid filled, animal byproduct-free protein solution. Bake a cake, make a cocktail, and leave the chickens out of it.

Cellular Agriculture

Precision Fermentation

Cracking Open the Next Generation of Smart Protein

The Dawn of Sustainability is Upon Us…

Experience the Egg-Free Future of Protein

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